About Us

Our History

Founded in 1974, MRC Search Partners (MRCSP) is a third generation family owned executive search firm specializing in the identification, attraction and delivery of talented food & beverage manufacturing professionals throughout the United States.

MRCSP has decades of successful history working with top Food & Beverage Manufacturing professionals and organizations. Our contacts are more than just names in a database, they are people we have spent countless hours with building and maintaining long-term relationships.

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Our Approach

By specializing only in the Food & Beverage Manufacturing arena, our team of recruiters has uniquely positioned themselves to succeed by developing an extensive nationwide network consisting only of established manufacturing professionals.

Realizing that a “one size fits all” method seldom works, our expert team of recruiters prides itself in listening to the unique situations of individual clients and candidates. We then tailor a recruitment process to meet each of the specific goals, challenges, and needs of the organization and candidate.


Our Philosophy

At MRC we follow 4 simple rules to assure that you will receive the respect you deserve while being recognized as the individual you are!

Say What We Do—Set up-front commitments so you are clear about what is going to happen.

Do What We Say—Follow-up is key to the communication cycle. You can count on us to stay connected and provide consistent updates.

Embrace the “Platinum Rule”—Treat others how they want to be treated. Put the needs and desires of those we work with ahead of our own.

Be Transparent—Freely and openly exchange information with those we work with in order to help arrive at the best decision.


Sean Milius

President & CEO

Sean Milius serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of MRCSP. As the visionary leader of the organization, Sean is responsible for both the tactical execution as well as the long term direction of the firm.

He worked his way up through the ranks, holding almost every title from Recruiting Coordinator to Executive Recruiter, to Vice President and currently President and C.E.O. Under his leadership the firm has increased its revenue over 400% since 2001, when he first joined MRC Search Partners.

Being in the world of executive search for almost two decades, Sean brings a deep understanding of what it takes to be successful. By following and directing a philosophy of putting the needs of others first, MRC Search Partners generates great client and candidate loyalty and consistently outperforms their competition. Sean believes it is extremely important to fully understand the goals and challenges of each individual and/or organization he works with, before offering any solutions. By finding out what is important to their clients and candidates, the consultants at The HealthCare Initiative are much more likely to be able to offer relevant advice that leads to a positive outcome.

Ronna Tuteur

Managing Partner

Ronna has over 20 years of experience in executive and Mid-Management search and specializes in placing professionals within the Food & Beverage industry which includes Food Manufacturers and Beverage Processors

Many of her clients are the top Food and Beverage manufacturers; companies that people want to work for. With an extensive clientele and a long standing business relationships with these companies the loyalty from her clients gives Ronna the ultimate advantage over other recruiters.

Ronna’s clients view her as the expert in sourcing high quality talent and matching candidates to the culture of the client company from Mid-career up to Senior levels. Her practice encompasses all areas of the Food and Beverage manufacturing industry to include Engineers, Maintenance Management, Quality Assurance, Operations & Production, Technical Services, Packaging, Purchasing, and Logistics.

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